We are opening listings up to additional properties!

Now through September 1st you can try listing your site on FryeIslandMaineRentals.com for FREE, we only ask you pay the sign-up fee when you have booked 2 weeks of rentals.  If you have an existing VRBO/AirBNB listing we will do the initial listing creation for you, or if you don't we just need a few pictures and a description. Contact rentals@fryeislandmainerentals.com

Interested in listing your Frye Island Cottage on for 2021 Season FryeIslandMaineRentals.com ? 

  • Contact rentals@fryeislandmainerentals.com  
  • We can create a listing for you from an existing listing or a set of pictures and basic information on the property.  You will then be able to login, tweak the listing, rates just like on VRBO or AirBNB.
  • Our initial goal was 10 listings for the entire 2021 season. We reached that during our Beta testing before even launching, so we will take this slow and may not be able to accommodate listing everyone who asks immediately, as we want to make sure we have high quality.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I list my property on VRBO/AirBNB and FryeIslandMaineRentals.com?

Yes, the platform we use supports automatically synching availability between 1 or more websites via iCal feeds.  That way if someone books on VRBO it will show is unavailable here or vice verse.

How does communication with people work? I don't want to publish my email address.

People can reach you by the booking request and your email address will remain anonymous.  You can communicate with them via the mobile app or email, but just like Craiglist your real email can be protected.  You can choose what contact information you display on your listing, phone number, email address or none(the inquiries will come to you through the system).

Do I have to do instant bookings?  

No, we recommend setting up as inquiries ONLY, so people can send a request to book, you can review it, add options or fees, the system emails them a quote(calculating Maine Tax, etc) and you can convert it to a booking when you have received payments and rental contract.

Do you hold onto funds until after they leave like VRBO?

No, you collect funds directly, by the policy you set on your listing.  

What is the cancellation and payment policy?

You can choose or create  your policy for when funds are due and your own cancellation policy.  We have some standard ones that most people on the island already use, or are glad to customize it for you.

Do you support credit cards?

Yes our platform already supports credit card, we plan to add credit cards over the winter if owners request it.  So far of the 10 properties in Beta testing, everyone so far has asked to NOT use credit cards, they want to be allowed to direct payments(aka checks).  Credit cards inherently add a credit card transaction fee.  When we add credit cards we will do it in a value add way for owners so it is a convenience for the renter and if they choose to use a credit card, they pay the convenience fee.

What % of revenue rental do you take?

We charge a flat fee to list your property, $475 per year.  See About Us for an example of the savings compared to other options

I already paid VRBO's annual fee for the next year, I want do to this but not pay for both?

Send us an email, glad to explain how you can transition off VRBO as your VRBO membership expires and help you get a listing created.

How much do you charge for property management or cleanings?

FryeIslandMaineRentals.com is a website for listings only.  We are  not a property management or cleaning service. We provide a website to advertise and facilitate communications for your rental property.